What are Preserved Flowers?

Feb 29, 2020

What is Presereved Flower  

Preserved Flower or Preserved rose are real natural flowers that undergo glycol preservation treatment, ecological and not harmful to human and pets.  Most preserved flowers we find today are roses, carnations, hydrangeas, various greens and many more. 

Preserved flower or preserved rose can be used for indoor decoration and can be placed in an open air environment.  With proper care and handling, preserved flowers are good for at least 3 years or more.   

During high humidity moments such as heavy rains in asia, at times we can find that preserved flowers "bleed".  This is because moisture in flower petals absorb humidity from air.  However, such "bleeding" will disappear when humidity in the environment is gone.  Or, you may use warm hair dryer with around one foot distance blow dry the wet petals.  Preserved flowers can then be back to former beautiful state for your long term enjoyment.   

Preserved flowers are not dried flowers nor artificial flowers.  They are real natural flowers picked and sent direct from growers to our preservation factory in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Botany Matters Co.,Ltd. was established and preserve flowers and greens since 2015 to date.