Preserved Flowers Arrangement School in Bangkok, Thailand

Dec 14, 2019

You may ask, are not all flower arrangement techniques the same?   
No, it is not.

Eventhough preserved flowers are natural fresh flowers, the arrangement techniques are not the same as normal flower arrangements.  It involves new skills that you should learn to create all sort of arrangements with no limits - as far as your imagination goes.

Imagine, what if fresh flowers do not need water anymore and still remain fresh.  You don't need to put them in vases anymore.  You can arrange flowers in picture frames and hang on the wall or you may arrange them as floral chandelier!!  Up to your imagination.   To make all these possible, you need to learn fundamental techniques.

If you enjoy the beauty of long lasting fresh flowers and want to learn how to arrange them, try our workshops at hours that fit you most.  We run workshops in Thai and English - from beginners up to professional levels.

Please contact us for more information.